Julian Spencer Smith -  Fine Art Restorer

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0800 45 83 624

Phone: 01483 726070
Fax: 01483 726070
Email: info@picturerestorer.com

The Studio
Keighley Lodge
Pond Road
GU22 0JY


Painting restorer Julian Spencer-Smith is one of the UK's leading oil painting conservators. He provides oil painting and fine art restoration & conservation services to collectors and galleries around the world, and is one of the few picture restorers in the UK who can provide microfriction cleaning for oil paintings. He is also a Fellow of BAPCR, and the inventor of Wedge Retainers used worldwide by leading museums, galleries and oil painting conservators.

All cleaning and restoration work is of the highest quality, using minimal intervention and following the ethical restoration standards in reversibility.

As well as the cleaning and restoration of pictures, the Studio covers all aspects of restoration/conservation relevant to the structure/support of oil paintings

  • Composition lining (in-house)
  • Panel repairs (wood, metal, board)
  • Surface improvement
  • Consolidation work on canvases that do not require lining support
  • Microfriction (for problematical paintings)
  • Condition reports
  • Documentation of work and photographs
  • Free, no-obligation consultation, evaluation and estimates
  • Reports for insurance companies
  • Pre-auction appraisal of paintings for prospective buyers
  • Regular weekly consultations are held in London, by appointment
  • UK/overseas visits undertaken

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